G. B. Shaw

George Bernard Shaw

G. B. Shaw was an Irish playwright and a co-founder of the London School of Economics. He wrote more than 60 plays. He was also an essayist novelist and short story writer. Nearly all his writings concern prevailing social problems but have a vain of comedy which makes their stark themes more palatable. Issues which engaged shaw's attention included education, marriage, religion, government, health care and class privilege.

He was most angered by what he perceived as the exploitation of the working class. An ordent socialist Shaw wrote many brochures and speeches for the Faleian society. He became an accomplished orator in the furtherance of its causes. He is the only person to have been awarded both a Nobel Prize in Literature and an Oscar for his contribution to literature and for his work on the film 'Pygmalion' respectively.
His earliest dramas were called appropriately 'Plays Pleasant and Unpleasant'. Among these Widower's Houses and urs Warren's Profession savagely attack social hypocrisy while in plays such as "Arms and the Man" and "The Man of Destiny" the criticism is less fierce. Shaw's radical rationalism, his utter disregard of conventions his keen dialectic interest and verbal wit often turn the stage in to a forum of ideas. It is most openly found in the famous discourse on the Life Force in "Don Juan in He'll" in "Man and Superman".

Other important plays by shaw are "Caeser and Cleopatra" a historical play filled with allusions to Modern times. The Doctor's Dilemma facetiously classified as a tragedy by shaw it really a comedy the humour of which is directed to medical profession. Candida with social attitudes toward sex relations is object of his satire and 'Pygmalion' satirises social snobbery and the high handed attitude that a successful man shows to a woman whom he reduces in to a puppet.
Shaw was a votary of the tenet of art for life sake. He said that his ink would better remain in the inkpot if he could not convert his readers to his opinion and Shaw did this successfully throughout allhis writings. 

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